Christmas Love and bells of conclusion

New home, new job and no time to write. I mean, no time to think about writing, thanks to an unreliable realtor and learning brand new activities in the big world of Human Rights. How did I end up there? No idea.

In a glance, few months have passed and I have almost reached New Year’s Eve. It’s like closing your eyes in front of the TV to rest for 15 minutes and waking up 2 hours later. The think is, when I wake up after a long nap, I don’t look back at the whole year wondering what I’ve won, what I’ve lost and what I’ve learnt.

This Year was a roller coaster for me. Emotionally for sure. I’ve lost my job, lost some friends on the way to unemployment and got heartbroken. I’ve met some crazy new people, I’ve seen situations worse than mine, and I’ve laughed really hard.

I’ve found another way to life, I’ve found some unexpected opportunities that I grabbed. I left an old apartment like I would leave an old version of me and I put some new furniture into a new flat. I thought I would collapse and somehow, I succeeded to rebirth.

I’ve learn that doors close when you really need help and they open when you don’t even ask. Nope, it’s not the other way around.

I’ve seen real faces and fake promises, I’ve seen some Angels on the road, crying in despair. I thought I would end the year at a funeral and I ended up having a glass of champagne for her and her way to remission.

We managed to be OK. We all manage to be OK. I survived. Good. Is this enough?

Gathering around a big turkey might be just a way to see people you haven’t seen for a while but for me it’s was the symbol of the balance sheet. Who is around the table finally? What is Christmas all about? Is it right to be running in the alleys of consumerism to find gifts for people you haven’t talked to for a year?

The bells rings for TV commercials in between some Christmas romance movies where two lost and incompatible individuals will be falling in love and live happily ever after. Does the Christmas magic really exist? After a new place to live and a new job, I’ll try to have a word with Cupid if he stops by.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to 2020. Maybe this year I’ll stick to my New Year’s resolutions! And you, what’s your conclusion?

6 thoughts on “Christmas Love and bells of conclusion

  1. Life is a never-ending journey with all the detours and fork-in-the roads that greet us and make us decide where to go next until we reach our final destination.It is never a straight line(point A to point B) though from a distance,it appears to be. Everything happens for a reason.

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  2. Seems like you had an eventful year!
    Same here, good stuff happened, shit happened. Survival is, of course, important, but it is also important to learn from experiences. But sometimes I can’t find out what exactly I am supposed to learn. Maybe the new year will enlighten me … 😉 … I wish you all the best for the new year!

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