The United States of my Stupidity

– Do what you like and you will find joy.

– Find the right partner and you’ll be happy.

– Start a dream job and you’ll be successful.

Have plenty of friends and you’ll be laughing all the time.

Work a lot, you’ll get wealthy.

I run after all of this and I can’t find any peace of mind.

It feels exhausting.

– What if all of this were wrong? What if we were all mistaken?

– What if joy were just a mindset that would open the doors for me?

– What if feeling successful would bring me success?

What if laughing easily would bring me more opportunities to laugh?

What if happiness were a start and not a goal?

Am I stupid to search for things I’m not sure to find? What if I stop looking for anything? Would everything come to me? What do you think?

5 thoughts on “The United States of my Stupidity

  1. I think our search for ultimate happiness is that we seek and deeply long for something not as a means to an end, but an end in itself. This means that once this object of our happiness is obtained, nothing more will be desired beyond it. To use an analogy with food, what we desire is a food of sorts which once eaten will completely fill our hunger such that we will have no hunger anymore permanently. What we desire, What Thomas Aquinas describes as “the object of our will”, is a universal good. An end, or object, something which is good in every aspect such that nothing beyond it could be desired because it would completely and perfectly satisfy our hearts.

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  2. Hi CAne,

    We are all different, but what worked for me was to go to the extremes of life. I went through many lovers, worked in war zones, lived with very poor people, lived with rich people, lived alone with animals, spent most of my life outside of the U.S. and eventually I found myself. I made many mistakes along the way, hurt lots of folks, but in the end a feeling came over me, a feeling that I was part of everything that I could sense. It gave me peace of mind. So my advice would be to experience everything you can. Be selfish in that respect. Go to where no one knows you and begin a new life. Continue to do this. Push yourself, if you can. Maybe you are too set now to do these things, but remember the universe of all things is in your backyard. You don’t necessarily need the stars to go to the extremes of life. Anyway, good luck and don’t sweat the small stuff, and it is all small. Thanks. Duke

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    1. I was not expecting such comment. I was wondering if I would set goals for 2020 few minutes ago, when I have actually never set any goals at New Years Eve in my life. I think you just did.
      I cannot tell how much I appreciate this guenuine message ! Thank you.

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